Below is a copy of the story which appeared at: LAKE LURE — With its dog-friendly parks, mountains, streams and lakes, Western North Carolina is often considered a haven for dog lovers. For those in the Lake Lure area, help…(Read More)

What person, adult or child, wouldn’t be thrilled by a playful, adorable puppy or adult dog? It’s a lovely scene to contemplate but it doesn’t always work out that way. The reality of living with a very dependent creature who demands attention, poops & pees everywhere, and has no manners can end up…(Read More)

Fall is here. The leaves are changing & dropping, the days are shorter, the temperature is dropping — and your dog’s fur is everywhere. Now that the nights are growing longer and the days colder, some of our dogs are shedding their light summer coats to make way for a warmer, thicker winter coat. Double…(Read More)